Chicken Diced
$14.98 per kg
Chicken Giblets
$7.98 per kg
Chicken Livers
$7.98 per kg
Chicken Maryland S/​Off
$8.98 per kg
Chicken Spare Ribs S/​Off
$7.98 per kg
Chicken Stir Fry
$14.98 per kg
Corned Silverside
$11.98 per kg
Eye Fillet Steak
$39.98 per kg
Fettayleh Mortadella Plain
$18.98 per kg
Goat Legs
$14.98 per kg
Half Cooked Lilydale Chicken
$6.98 each
Lamb Bones
$1.50 each
Lamb Chump Chops
$16.98 per kg
Lamb Fry
$2.98 each
Lamb Hearts
$9.98 per kg
Lamb Kidneys
$9.98 per kg
Lamb Koftas
$2.48 each
Lamb Neck Chops
$13.98 per kg
Lamb Rosemary Sausage
$19.98 per kg
Lamb Tripe
$8.98 each
Leg Of Lamb
$12.98 per kg
Lilydale Whole Chicken
$9.00 per kg
Marinated Chicken Wingettes
$4.98 per kg
Mini Chicken Schnitzel
$2.48 each
Mint Rosemary Lamb Marinated Chops
$15.98 per kg
Oyster Blade Steak
$17.99 per kg
Peri Peri Chicken Wings
$7.98 per kg
Pork Scotch Steak
$17.98 per kg
Quail Trays
$24.98 each
Rib Eye Steak
$39.98 per kg
Rolled Loin Of Lamb
$29.98 per kg
Scotch Fillet
$34.98 per kg
Whole Pork Belly
$19.98 per kg
Whole Scotch
$59.98 per kg
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