Fruit & Veg

Photo of Bananas


$2.98 per kg

Photo of Lebanese Cucumbers

Lebanese Cucumbers

$8.98 per kg

Photo of Capsicum Red

Capsicum Red

~ $1.39 each ($4.98 per kg)

Photo of Pinklady Apples Small

Pinklady Apples Small

$2.98 per kg

Photo of Broccoli


$6.98 per kg

Photo of Carrots Pre Packed

Carrots Pre Packed 1kg

$1.78 each

Photo of Zucchini


~ $1.07 each ($3.98 per kg)

Photo of Truss Tomatoes

Truss Tomatoes

~ $0.50 each ($3.98 per kg)

Photo of Cauliflower


$1.98 each

Photo of Beans


$13.98 per kg

Photo of Watermelon Seedless Cut

Watermelon Seedless Cut

$1.48 per kg

Photo of Hass Avocadoes

Hass Avocadoes

$2.78 each

Photo of Green Kiwi Fruit

Green Kiwi Fruit

$5.98 per kg

Photo of Oranges P/Pack

Oranges P/​Pack 3kg

$3.98 each

Photo of Packham Pears

Packham Pears

~ $0.94 each ($3.98 per kg)

Photo of Sweet Potatoes Gold

Sweet Potatoes Gold

$2.98 per kg

Photo of Continental Parsley

Continental Parsley

$0.98 each

Photo of Coriander


$1.78 each

Photo of Carrots


~ $0.36 each ($1.78 per kg)

Photo of Gourmet Tomatoes Small

Gourmet Tomatoes Small

~ $0.44 each ($3.98 per kg)

Photo of Loose Aussie Garlic

Loose Aussie Garlic

$5.98 per kg

Photo of Spring Onions

Spring Onions

$1.98 each

Photo of Mushrooms


$12.98 per kg

Photo of Onions Brown

Onions Brown

~ $0.61 each ($2.48 per kg)

Photo of Granny Apples Smith Small

Granny Apples Smith Small

~ $0.18 each ($1.48 per kg)

Photo of Baby Broccoli

Baby Broccoli

$2.88 each

Photo of  Green Capsicum

Green Capsicum

~ $1.39 each ($4.98 per kg)

Photo of Ginger


$8.98 per kg

Photo of Imperial Mandarines

Imperial Mandarines

$2.98 per kg

Photo of Lemons


~ $0.44 each ($1.78 per kg)

Photo of Shepard Avocadoes

Shepard Avocadoes

$2.78 each

Photo of Snow Peas

Snow Peas

$14.98 per kg

Photo of Raspberries Punnet

Raspberries Punnet 250g

$6.98 each

Photo of Potatoes Washed Medium

Potatoes Washed Medium 5kg

$4.98 each

Photo of Strawberries

Strawberries 250g

$5.98 each

Photo of 1/2 Celery

1/​2 Celery

$1.28 each

Photo of Strawberries Faily Pack

Strawberries Faily Pack 500g

$9.98 each

Photo of Celery


$1.98 each

Photo of Onions Red

Onions Red

~ $1.17 each ($4.78 per kg)

Photo of Brown Onion Bag

Brown Onion Bag 10kg

$5.78 each

Photo of Cherry Tomatoes Punnet

Cherry Tomatoes Punnet

$3.98 each

Photo of Farm Fresh Baby Cos 2pk

Farm Fresh Baby Cos 2pk

$2.98 each

Photo of Brown Onions

Brown Onions 2kg

$2.98 each

Photo of Jap Pumpkin Cut

Jap Pumpkin Cut

$2.98 per kg

Photo of Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg Lettuce

$2.98 each

Photo of Baby Spinach

Baby Spinach 100g

$2.78 each

Photo of Blueberries


$5.98 each

Photo of Eggplant


$2.98 per kg

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