Fruit & Veg

Fresh Walnuts P/​Pack
$9.98 each
Gourmet Mushrooms 150g
$5.98 each
Hot Red Thai Chillies
$49.98 per kg
Jackfruit Young (​Cooking)
$9.98 per kg
Jerusalem Artichokes
$11.98 per kg
Kestrel Potatoes
$3.50 per kg
Lady Finger Bananas
$1.04 each (approx.) $7.98 per kg
$14.98 per kg
Mint Vietnamese
$4.78 each
Missile Apples
$11.98 per kg
Mung 200g
$2.77 each
Mushroom Shitake 100g
$3.98 each
$16.98 per kg
Pickling Eggplant
$11.98 per kg
Plantain Banana
$2.74 each (approx.) $9.98 per kg
Royal Gala Apples Large
$1.00 each (approx.) $3.98 per kg
Salad Mix P/​Pack 500g
$8.98 each
Salad Onions White Bunch
$5.98 each
Sharwil Avocadoes
$2.78 each
Sweet Green Chillies
$1.17 each (approx.) $8.98 per kg
Sweet Pineapple Top On
$5.98 each
Sweet Yellow Chillies
$0.96 each (approx.) $7.98 per kg
Thai Eggplants
$6.78 per kg
Trio Lettuce
$2.98 each
White Onions
$5.98 per kg 5 per kg (approx)
White Radish
$2.98 per kg
$18.98 per kg
Yellow Squash
$19.98 per kg
Jumbo Blueberries
$7.98 each
Nam Doc Mangoes
$11.98 per kg
Pre-Packed Dates 454g
$12.98 each
1/​2 Savoy Cabbage
$4.78 each
1/​2 Yellow Honey Dew
$2.48 each
Baby Bitter Melon
$12.98 per kg
Beetroot With Leaves
$1.28 each
Black Seedless Grapes
$19.98 per kg
Bread Fruit
$12.98 per kg
Butler Gourmet Pantry Chives Punnet 20g
$2.98 each
Butler Gourmet Pantry Lime Leaves 10g
$3.98 each
Capsicum P/​Pack
$9.98 each
Ceylon Spinach
$16.98 per kg
$5.98 per kg
Cocktail Red Chat Potatoes
$3.78 per kg
Cooking Bananas
$4.78 per kg
Daisy Mandarins
$1.98 per kg
Firiki Apples
$3.98 per kg
Fuji Apples Large
$5.98 per kg
$19.98 per kg
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