Fabbris Traditional Leg Ham
$19.98 per kg
Bertocchi Premium Leg Ham
$9.98 per kg
Bertocchi Short Middle Bacon
$19.98 per kg
Don Champagne Ham
$18.98 per kg
Kalamata Pitted Olives
$19.98 per kg
Princi Hungarian Salami Mild
$44.98 per kg
Proscuitto Parma Beretta (​18mths)
$49.98 per kg
Bertocchi Mortadella
$13.98 per kg
Zammit Roast Turkey Breast
$39.98 per kg
Australian Parmesan(​Grated)
$29.98 per kg
Barkly Grandmother Ham
$35.00 per kg
Bertocchi Honey Leg Ham
$16.98 per kg
San Marino Nonna Leg Ham
$17.98 per kg
Bertocchi Flat Soppressa Mild
$29.98 per kg
Deli Beef Burek Slice 500g
$6.50 each
Don Melosi Ham (​Boneless)
was $20.98 $17.98 per kg
San Daniele Prosciutto
$69.98 per kg
Bertocchi Hot Pepperoni Salami 200g
was $5.78 $2.98 each
Danish Feta
was $16.98 $7.98 per kg
Don Hungarian Mild Salami
$33.98 per kg
Floridia Mozzarella Loaf
$18.98 per kg
Gs Semi Dried Tomatoes 2kg
$27.98 per kg
Puopolo Casalingo Salami
$49.98 per kg
Bertocchi Flat Soppressa Hot
$29.98 per kg
Bertocchi Long Bacon Rindless
$19.98 per kg
Don Strasburg Round 2kg
$19.98 per kg
Mediterraean Mixed Pitted
$21.98 per kg
Princi Mortadella Plain
$25.98 per kg
Split Green Olives
$17.98 per kg
Bertocchi Hungarian Mild
$29.98 per kg
Bertocchi Pan Size Bacon 250g
$5.98 each
Block Parmesan 20kg
$22.98 per kg
Don Kabana
$19.98 per kg
Don Pressed Leg Ham
$25.98 per kg
Prosciutto Ends
$24.98 per kg
Puopolo Felino Salami
$49.98 per kg
Sunshine Portugese Chicken
$39.98 per kg
Auricchio Provolone Dolce
$37.98 per kg
Bertocchi Virginian Leg Ham
$14.98 per kg
Green Pitted Olives
$19.98 per kg
Jarlsberg Wheel
$29.98 per kg
Monterey Jack Jalapeno
$42.98 per kg
Zanetti Parmigiano Cheese 200g
$11.48 each
$47.98 per kg
Australian Feta
$19.98 per kg
Bertocchi Hungarian Hot
$29.98 per kg
Bertocchi Mortadella Olive
$13.98 per kg
Bertocchi Porchetta
$35.98 per kg
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